Officers for 2018:
President: Christie Blasi
Vice President: Sharon Williamson
Treasurer: Paula Glossip
Secretary: Pam Southard

Committees for 2018: 
Sadie Hawkins: Vickie Norton and Denise Joplin
Guest Days: Wendy Twitty, Janet Walsworth, Donna Howell and Sue Rollins
Thursday Golf: Pam Burrier and Cathy Harmon
Informal Golf: Sharon Williamson and Jane Malone
Dogwood: Deb Mergen, Denise Joplin, Regina Gutshall and Christie Blasi
Communications and Membership: Pam Southard, Wendy Twitty and Sharon Williamson

Special thanks to these Ladies for volunteering their time to serve on one of our Committees! 
To sign-up for a 2018 Committee please email Christie Blasi

Please remember to pay your dues and become a member of MLGA in order to participate and play in all events this year!
For membership please contact Paula Glossip. 
Support the Ladies League and all the events the Club and the MLGA are working on! 


Millwood Ladies Golf Calendar 2018

April 27th-28th:   Sadie Hawkins 
May 3rd:   Thursday Morning Golf Begins @ 8am
May 17th:   Ladies and Seniors
June 14th:   Ladies Guest Day

July 7th-8th:   Club Championship
August 4th-5th:   Keiser Cup
August 8th:   Ladies and Seniors
August 24th-25th:   The Dogwood

September 20th:   Ladies Guest Day
September 26th:   Ladies Mixer at Twin Oaks
September 28th-29th:   Guys & Gals Tournament